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28Dec13 Fire at Ban Mai Nai Soi28Aug14
Flash Flood in Ban Mai Nai Soi Camp
Heavy rains followed by flash flooding in the early hours of Wednesday 27 August caused significant damage to many sections of Ban Mai Nai Soi camp in Mae Hong Son Province. Homes, NGO and CBO buildings, schools, TBC warehouses, roads and bridges were all affected by the flash flood. Read more.


28Dec13 Fire at Ban Mai Nai Soi15Aug14
Resources: 2013 Nutrition Survey Report
The 2013 Nutrition Survey Report to Health Agencies for all 9 camps is now available for download here.

28Dec13 Fire at Ban Mai Nai Soi22Jul14
Resources: Improving Nutrition & Health Service Delivery in Refugee Camps
An independent study exploring barriers to accessing proper nutrition for infants and young children and the challenges of providing nutrition and health service delivery was conducted in February 2014. “Improving Nutrition & Health Service Delivery in Refugee Camps along the Thailand Burma/Myanmar Border” is available for download here.
28Dec13 Fire at Ban Mai Nai Soi25Mar14
Update: Mae La fire, March 24
A fire broke out in Mae La camp on the evening of March 24. The fire was quickly contained and there were no reported casualties. A total of 18 houses were destroyed in the fire and a further 31 dismantled to create a fire break to prevent the flames from spreading. 302 people are affected. Read more
TBC idp report 2013 Burmese24Mar14
Resources: Latest TBC 6 month report
TBC's July to December 2013 programme report can now be downloaded in PDF format (Zipped PDF: 5.3Mb - 100 pages). Email your street address to TBC Bangkok to request the hard copy version. Previous 6-month reports can be downloaded here.
28Dec13 Fire at Ban Mai Nai Soi04Feb14
Umpiem Mai Fire
On Monday 3 February there was a fire in Umpiem Mai refugee camp in Tak Province. The fire started in Section 5, and it was brought under control quite quickly. Read more
Press Release: Updated population figures for refugee camps in Thailand
Updated 2013 population figures for the refugee camps on the Thailand-Myanmar border show that the net population decreased 9,044 or 7.1% in 2013. The total population living in the nine camps was 119,156 at the end of December 2013, compared to 128,200 at the end of 2012. Read more in English and Burmese.
TBC's January Newsletter
The January edition of TBC's Newsletter for the camp community is available for download in English, Karen, and Burmese. Specific versions feature the local TBC field office contact details - please go to Contact Us for more details.
TBC idp report 2013 Burmese15Jan14
Resources: TBC's 2013 IDP report in Burmese
The Burmese language version of TBC 2013 Poverty, Displacement and Local Governance in South East Burma/ Myanmar can be downloaded here (PDF: 10Mb).
Click here to download TBC's 2012 IDP report Info on 9000 nights publication Info on Between Worlds 20 Years on the Boarder Cover: Muslim Community Profile

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